Raw Magnesite

Milled Raw Magnesite products

Cryptocrystalline Magnesite MgCO3 with extremely low silica and iron content, white colour, and very low level of heavy metals.

RMA is a raw magnesite milled product with 90% MgO content on ignited basis, which is used in the production of ceramics (tiles etc.).

Available sizes at d90<75μm or d90<45μm


More than % 90 of produced magnesite ore is used for basic refractor brickmaking by converting to caustic calcined magnesite and sinter magnesite. Raw magnesite on %10 rate is also used for production of magnesium salts and some drugs and cement, paper and sugar industry.

1. Magnesium Carbonate: isolation, rubber, ink, glass, ceramics, paint, pharmacy and cosmetics industry.

2. Magnesium Hydroxide: Pharmaceutics and sugar refining.

3. Magnesium Chloride: Magnesium metal production, textile, paper, ceramics and cement.

4. Magnesium sulphate: Pharmaceutics, artificial fertilizer industry.

  • MgO : 42 – 46 %
  • SiO2 : 0,8 – 3 %
  • Fe2O3 : 0,3 – 1,5 %